CCL offers premium classic car services for enthusiasts in the industry. We take pride in our ability to turn your dream into a reality. Trust us to navigate your journey, making the process as seamless as possible for your dream to come true!

Please be advised that any submitted application is subject to the final decision of the lender. Certain state restrictions may apply. It is important to note that CCL does not function as the lender and is not involved in making credit decisions.



For the speediest processing, we encourage you to submit your application through our website. Upon receipt, our team will work closely with the appropriate institution to assess available options. We'll promptly share any relevant details and provide support throughout the documentation process.



Decisions made by our affiliated institutions go beyond considering an applicant's credit score alone. Instead, a comprehensive credit risk model is employed to assess and determine a diverse range of possibilities. To explore the personalized options available to you, we invite you to submit your application.



The institutions we partner with are open to considering applicants with a previous bankruptcy on their credit file, as long as the bankruptcy is closed. Unfortunately, applicants with an open bankruptcy will not be considered. Each reported bankruptcy undergoes a case-by-case review. To determine your eligibility, we encourage you to submit an application.



Our affiliates stipulate a minimum down payment of 10% of the purchase price. You also have the flexibility to opt for a larger down payment if preferred. The down payment is to be paid directly to the dealer/seller.



As a non-lender, CCL cannot provide specific details on interest rates or terms. Upon submitting your application, our team collaborates with affiliated institutions to gather information on available options. Please note that our affiliates provide documentation for agreements with simple interest and without any prepayment penalty.



The institutions we collaborate with require an applicant to have a minimum of 18 installment (auto or real estate) payments reporting to the credit bureau. The 18 payments must be paid on the same note, of a equal or greater value to the requested amount.



CCL provides specialized classic car services catering to the entire collector vehicle industry. While we are not the bank or lien holder offering the loan for your purchase, our affiliates trust us to deliver dependable support to buyers, ensuring dreams come true. Upon approval, relevant bank/lien holder details are provided. It's important to note that the bank/lien holder remains the primary contact for repayment and/or payoff details.



After obtaining approval from our affiliated institution, a team member will provide you with contact details for our insurance servicing partner. They will assist you in navigating the steps to secure a guaranteed or agreed value insurance policy, the only type accepted by our affiliates.



Our title department is dedicated to providing customized services for a seamless titling and registration process in the industry. Move through the DMV with confidence, as our team is here to support you every step of the way!



We are delighted to provide a range of classic car services, and submitting your application with CCL comes with no upfront fees. Any applicable fees will be disclosed upon approval and may vary depending on your state of residence. After receiving all the details, you will have the option to decide whether to proceed or decline.



CCL provides services crafted to instill confidence in your private party purchase. Upon approval from one of our affiliated institutions, our team will assist you through the subsequent steps, facilitating collateral verification and appraisal services. It's crucial to understand that a collateral verification service is not equivalent to a pre-purchase inspection. If you desire a pre-purchase inspection, our team can readily offer suggestions for a third-party company upon request.



While CCL offers a range of classic car services, please note that, at present, the institutions we are affiliated with do not provide any options for refinancing, or title loans for vehicles you already own.



CCL offers services for your purchase through an accredited auction house, as long as immediate funds are not required upon the acceptance of your bid.



CCL provides a range of classic car services, encompassing collateral verifications and appraisals. While collateral verification and appraisal services are available individually, certain purchases may necessitate their completion for advancement. It's essential to note that CCL does not conduct full pre-purchase inspections. However, if you wish to have one completed, we can provide a referral for your convenience.



CCL collaborates with dealerships specializing in the sale of classic or collectible vehicles. Please note that our services are specifically designed for these types of vehicles and are not be suitable for daily drivers. If you're interested in discussing affiliation in more detail, please feel free to send us an email or give us a call. A member of our team will gladly review our process and requirements with you.