Collector Car Lending is a service provider for some of the top lenders in the recreational lending industry. CCL works with the lender on your behalf to facilitate documentation. We pride ourselves on our ability to help make your dream a reality. Being a service provider for these lenders allows our team to provide you with outstanding customer service and a wide range of options for your needs.

The lender’s programs we access are suitable for classic, collector, and exotic vehicles aged 7+ years, intended for recreational use.

Please note: All applications are subject to underwritings final decision. Some state restrictions may apply.



Applications received through our secured online portal will result in the fastest processing time. An Analyst will receive your application and work with the appropriate underwriting department to collect rate and term options available. We then relay the options provided by the lender to the applicant directly. From this point, we’re able to facilitate documents and hold the customers hand through completion. The lender sends us the funds at the end of the process and we release them to the dealer/seller within 24-48 hours typically.



The lenders we work with do provide the option to secure a pre-approval. Instead, our team will work with the lender to secure a final approval for your application, locking in the rate/term for 45-60 days, depending on the program. If you find yourself needing to request a change of collateral or a change in the dollar amount, we can make the request to the lender for consideration as needed.



The lenders we work with do not make loan decisions based solely on the applicant’s credit score. They use a credit risk model to determine what rates and terms they will offer. The only way to see what rates/terms the lender will offer is to submit an application. Please note, if your Equifax or Experian credit files are frozen, please contact the bureau to lift the freeze before submitting your application.

The prime lender we work with reviews an Equifax report while the secondary lender we work with reviews an Experian report.



The secondary lender we work with will consider applicants who have previously filed bankruptcy. The bankruptcy must be closed, the lender will not consider an applicant with an open bankruptcy. Any reported bankruptcy is reviewed on a case by case basis and the lender will have the final decision for the loan request. To determine whether you will qualify, we invite you to submit an application.



The minimum down payment required by the lender is 10% of the purchase price. You do have the option to complete a larger down payment if you choose. The down payment is paid directly to the dealer/seller and must be paid in full before funds can be released at the close of the loan.



To see what rate the lender will offer you we suggest submitting an application. Rates are determined by the lender and are based on your overall credit risk. For this reason, CCL no longer has the ability to provide a detailed quote before working with the lender. CCL works with two lenders to provide a variety of options for your loan request.



The terms offered by the lenders we work with vary per program and currently range from 60-240 months. The lenders offer loans that are simple interest and have no prepayment penalty. The term will ultimately be determined by the lender. To see what term you qualify for, we invite you to submit your application.



The lenders require comparable installment history to qualify for this type of recreational loan. An applicant must have a minimum of 18 installment (auto or real estate) payments reporting to the bureau. The installment loan must be an equal or greater value to the requested loan amount.

For example, if you are requesting a loan for $20,000, your credit file must show a minimum of 18 payments on an auto or a real estate loan of at least $20,000.



The lenders will allow you to apply with a co-applicant, as long as they are an immediate family member or a spouse.

If an application in your name alone is declined, and there is an option to add a co-applicant for reconsideration, the Analyst will send you an email providing you with a link your co-applicant can use to submit their information. They should apply as “Applicant” and use the notes field to state they wish to apply as your co-applicant.



Collector Car Lending is not your lien holder. We are a service provider for the lenders we work with. Once your Analyst has an approval for your application they will provide you with the appropriate lien holder details. The lien holder must be listed on your insurance (see insurance details for additional information).

The lien holder is the best point of contact for any information regarding repayment of your loan.



An insurance binder or declarations page from a guaranteed or agreed value policy will be required to submit a loan packet for funding. A standard auto insurance policy will not be accepted. This type of policy is specifically designed for classic/collectible vehicles and will properly cover the value of the vehicle. The lenders will require deductibles be no greater than $500 and the lien holder must be listed exactly as provided. Your lien holder details will be provided when the lender issues an approval.

If you’re unfamiliar with this type of insurance coverage, or you’re interested in shopping options to replace your current policy, we suggest reaching out to our friends at Gingerbread Insurance Agency. They offer top notch customer service, and can secure policies for the top collector car insurance providers in the country.

Contact Details:
Phone: 844-335-9095

Or you may submit a request for a quote here.



Typically about a week after the loan closes, a member of our title department will contact you to hold your hand through the registration/titling process. If you opted to have sales tax included, the check will be mailed to you at this time and a member of our team will assist in any way possible. If you are purchasing from a dealership in state, they may handle this for you entirely.



There are no upfront fees to apply through Collector Car Lending. When you submit an application an Analyst will provide you with rates/terms available and you will then have the option to proceed or decline. Specific fees vary depending on the lender and your state. Any applicable fees will be disclosed by the Analyst once your application has been decisioned by the lender.



We are happy to help with your purchase from a private seller. The first step is to submit your application, Once your application is processed, an Analyst will contact you to review options available and the private party process in further detail. Please be aware, the collateral verification is not the same as a pre-purchase inspection - if you wish to have a pre-purchase inspection completed we advise contacting a third party.



The lenders that we work with do not allow us to facilitate any refinancing or title loans. The programs we have access to are designed specifically for purchases either through a licensed dealer or a private party.



If you are purchasing a vehicle from a licensed dealer, a collateral verification/appraisal will not typically be needed but in some cases may be required.

If you are purchasing a vehicle from a private seller, a collateral verification and appraisal will be required. We facilitate this process and can provide you with copies of the report for your records upon request. The fee associated will be charged by credit card, and is subject to vary depending on the location of the vehicle.

Please note, CCL does not facilitate any pre-purchase inspections, if you wish to have a pre-purchase inspection completed we suggest contacting a third party company.



Becoming an affiliated dealer is simple!

Give us a call, or shoot us an email and we’ll send you our dealer affiliation packet to fill out and return. Once received a member of our dealer development team will contact you to complete a quick verification step. When that’s been submitted, we’ll send you all the tips, tricks, and tools you need to make our working relationship as successful as possible!