Can I be Pre-Approved?

Instead of obtaining a “pre-approval”, our team works with the appropriate underwriting department directly to secure a final approval for your request. This process locks in rates for 45-60 days, depending on the program/lender. If you find yourself needing to request a change to the collateral or the dollar amount, we can easily make the request to the lender for consideration at that time.


What's the process from start to finish?

Our team receives your application (either by fax, email, phone, or secured online portal) and reviews in detail. We contact you directly within 20-30 minutes to review options available based on credit history, collateral, and dollar amount requested. Once an approval is secured from the appropriate underwriting department and all items needed have been collected, we facilitate loan documents. The documents are then sent to you to be completed and returned. Generally speaking, we’re able to release funds within 24-48 hours.


Am I required to register the vehicle?

Yes, the loan documents provided by the lender will require completion of an “Agreement to Title”. By signing this document you are guaranteeing the lender that you will complete registration/titling on the vehicle within 30 days of taking delivery. We have a dedicated title department who contacts you to hold your hand through this process to make it as easy as possible!


Are there any fees associated with the process?

There is no upfront cost to submit your request. Applicable fees vary per program. Associated fees are determined based on state processing requirements, sales tax, and tag/titling fees. All costs are disclosed in full detail upon approval.


What are the Insurance requirements?

The lenders require that you provide proof of insurance on a guaranteed or agreed value policy. Deductibles can be no greater than $500 and the lien holder (provided upon approval) must be listed.

We suggest reaching out to our friends at Gingerbread Insurance Agency. They have the ability to secure a policy with the top insurance providers who specialize in collectible car coverage. They have outstanding customer service and are available to answer any questions, while providing you options for the right policy at the best pricing!
Email: tom@gingerbreadinsurance.com Office Number: 407-309-9949


What credit score is needed to qualify?

Currently the lender who offers subprime options will consider scores as low as 600, with no recent delinquent or derogatory payment activity. Applicants who have had prior “life events” such as bankruptcy, foreclosure, repossession, or divorce are encouraged to apply. The lender recognizes that “perfect” credit is hard to come by and considers the entire picture before issuing their decision for your request.


Can I refinance my current open auto loan?

No, our programs are specifically designed for those who are making a new purchase.


Are inspections or appraisals required?

If you are purchasing a vehicle from a licensed dealer, an inspection/appraisal are not typically required but may be required.

If you are purchasing a vehicle from a private seller, a condition inspection and appraisal will be required. We facilitate this process and provide you copies of both reports for your records. The cost associated is typically $349, which is charged by credit card. This fee is subject to vary depending on location of the vehicle.


Can I purchase from a private party seller?

Yes, while the process will change mildly, the lenders will allow a purchase of your dream car through a private seller. The approval secured for your request is subject to the result of the condition inspection/appraisal process.


Is Collector Car Lending listed as lien holder?

No, Collector Car Lending operates as a documentation agent for lenders. The appropriate lien holder information is provided to you upon approval for your reference.