How long does it take to get Pre Approved?

Within 20-30 minutes during business hours we are able to issue a pre approval for most applicants.

Whats the process from start to finish?

Our team receives the credit application (either via phone, fax or online portal) and reviews the credit history. We contact you within 20-30 minutes to go over rates and terms available to you based on credit score and the loan amount requested. Once the numbers have been finalized we contract loan documents and email them to you. You’ll print them out, sign them, there is one page that needs to be notarized. We ask that you send a copy to us electronically (fax or email) to process for funding, then simply mail the loan packet back to us. Funds are typically released within 24-48 hours of receipt of the electronic copy.

Am I required to register the vehicle I finance through CCL?

Yes, in the loan packet you will sign an “Agreement to Title.” This form guarantees that you will register and/or title the vehicle within 30 days of taking delivery.

Are there any fees associated with the process?

While there are no up front fees working with CCL, closing costs may vary per loan program.

Do you require that I put Insurance on the vehicle?

Yes, a guaranteed or stated value policy is required, to submit the signed loan packet for funding. This will need to list the lien holder as provided and deductibles no greater than $500. We always advise giving our friend Tom at Gingerbread Insurance Agency a call. He’s able to write a policy for a number of different insurance providers and with excellent customer service he gets you the best policy for the best pricing! Email: Office Number: 407-309-9949

What credit score is needed to qualify for Classic Car financing?

CCL has the ability to look at credit scores as low as 600! Applicants with past “life events” such as Divorce, Bankruptcy, etc. are encouraged to apply! Our lenders recognize that “perfect credit” is hard to come by, they consider the entire picture before making a decision on the application.

Can I refinance my current open auto loan?

No, Our programs are specifically designed for those who are making a new purchase.

Is an Appraisal/Inspection required?

An inspection is required on all private party purchases. Appraisals may be required if the vehicle is unable to book out to value, however this is a rare instance.

Can I purchase from a private party seller?

Yes, while this does change the process mildly, we are able to finance on private party purchases. Any private party purchase will require an inspection.

Is Collector Car Lending listed as lien holder?

No, we provide service for two different lenders. This allows us to offer the best rates and terms available to you based on credit and collateral.